First launch of 2014: April 26th!

The first launch of 2014 will be at our Warner Farm field on April 26th from 1PM to 3:30PM. In the event of bad weather, we will move to Sunday, April 27th. A GO or NOGO will be posted on April 25th.

Thanks to Tim & Jenny who will allow us, yet again, to have our launches on their farm field.

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Cool Aerial View of KARS launch

Sean’s son launched a rocket last week and Dad decided he want to get a aerial view of the launch with his quad-copter. This copter has an HD camera attached. The video is below!

Pretty Cool! The rocket launches about 22 seconds into the video – it is quick, so watch for it!

Thanks to Sean Dunten for this!

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KARS is OVER for 2013….

Fellow Rocketeers,

Thank you for all the Great Memories from 2013! I had a fantastic time and am still delighted by each flight, especially when the recover involves a bunch of kids chasing down a newly minted rocket.   :)

Overall the weather was very kind, but we did have a launch or two where the winds helped feed the trees a steady diet of rockets. I do not recall that we missed a month, but we did leave the year missing a few rockets.     :(

Thanks go out to many people….

  • The Landowners (Tim & Jenny C.) who were kind enough to allow us (once again) to use their Farm Field
  • All the folks who donated money to help buy the really nice launch rods
  • Eric S. for storing and helping with the equipment & launches
  • Ben G. for pinch-hitting on the launch controls a few time
  • All the folks who helped drag equipment up or down the hill

As far as attendance, most launches still saw about 2 dozen people. Some fewer, some more. I have been using various on-line NH calendars to great success. When I see someone new, I ask them how they heard about us. I’d guesstimate 80% of the time they said as a result of an on-line calendar.

I don’t plan on any major changes for 2014. We’ll probably start again in late-April and run monthly through November. If you have any thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms on KARS, please give me a call (603-938-5129). I’d love to hear from you.

One last note: I get really bad about checking KARS e-mail over the winter. Best to drop me a line at: mike_bellino AT yahoo DOT com

Meanwhile, I have some videos to share and pictures to post. Don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook.

See you all in April!

Cheers, Mike Bellino



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FINAL LAUNCH of 2013 is Saturday, November 2nd! Hours from 1 to 3:30PM at the Warner Farm field.

Weather will be near perfect: moderate winds (7mph), mostly sunny and temps in the low 60s.

See you there! If not, we’ll see you in April 2014.

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Fellow Rocketeers, We are GO FOR LAUNCH on Saturday!

Winds will be moderately high (10mph)…. make sure your parachutes have spill holes, resist temptations to fly the high birds. Temperatures will be in the low 60s.

Note #1: The Warner Fall Foliage Festival will be underway. Please avoid the downtown area if you can. There is a downtown parade at 1PM, Main street is closed.

Note #2: If you need pumpkins, decorative gourds, etc, please bring cash and buy them at the Courser Farm on your way to/from the field.

P.S. Final launch of the year is November 2nd. :_(

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Next Launch: October 12th

The next KARS will be October 12th. Also, going on, is the Warner Fall Festival! So why not make a day of it? Come out to spend time at the festival and the launch.

Also a reminder that the Courser Farm (you pass it on the way to the field) will be selling pumpkins, gourds and other fall decorative items. Lets support those who support our club. Bring cash as this is on the honor system.

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Happy 11th Birthday, Fliskits!

Fliskits, a NH model rocket company, is well known for the creative, and often funny flying model rocket kits. Lets wish Jim Flis and Fliskits a Happy 11th birthday.

Here is the FlisKits September announcements with deals and give-aways:


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