Thanks for Yet Another Great Rocket Season!

Thanks for a really fun 2015!! We ended the year with a great crowd and some spectacular flights. (See the videos just below this post!)

Thanks to the Coursers for letting us use their farm field for (I think) our tenth year! And thanks to Eric Swanson for his many set-ups and tear downs.

Enjoy the holidays, stay warm, build a bunch of rockets and we’ll see you in April 2016!

Mike Bellino

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Slow Motion Video from Oct 24 launch

Thanks to Melissa & Daniel for these videos….

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We are GO FOR LAUNCH on Saturday Oct 24

Fellow Rocketeers,

It will be a Picture Perfect day for the FINAL KARS launch of 2015. Skies partly cloudy, winds low (about 5-7mph) temperatures in the low 50’s. Time: 1 to 3:30PM.

Let’s polish off the 2015 KARS Rocket Season with a whole bunch of launches!

See you there! – Mike

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FINAL launch of 2015: Oct 24th

I apologize for the change, but we are NOT going to launch on Oct 17 or 31st, but we WILL hold our FINAL launch of 2015 on Oct 24th from 1 to 3:30.

We will not have a November launch this year.

So join us for some final rockets gushing skyward and whiffs of blackpowder in 2015 on the 24th of October.

See you there!

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We are GO FOR LAUNCH Saturday 1- 3:30PM.

Directions on website:

Clear skies, but winds 5-10mph.

See you there!

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August Launch cancelled :(

Fellow Rocketeers,

After consultation, we’ll not have an August launch due to family schedules and inclement weather predicted for this weekend, and a minor leg injury that has me hobbling about these days. Sorry.   ;_(

Next launch will be September 19th. We’ll finish out the flying season on October 17th and October 31st (counting as our November launch).

Keep the pointy end up and we’ll see in you September!

Cheers, Mike


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August Launch?

Fellow Rocketeers,

I’ve had several people ask about the launches for the rest of the season so they can plan ahead. I haven’t done it this year because I’ve had a rather busy and unpredictable summer. Finally now, I can slow down a bit and spend more time with my children and plan ahead.

I’d like to propose for August that we gauge the interest (July attendance was poor). To help us figure out which (if any) date we’ll have decent attendance, please complete the one-question poll below ASAP:

As for the remainder of the year: (Tentative)

  • September 19th
  • October 17th

Since a November launch would be really late (7th), we’ll post a poll after the October launch to see is there will be sufficient interest.

Keep the pointy end up!

Cheers, Mike

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