Is it Spring yet??

Fellow Rocketeers,

Spring is inching closer by the millimeter!¬†Feels that way, doesn’t it?

I am happy to report that Tim & Jenny Courser, our Beloved Landowners, have agreed to allow KARS to use their farm field for our 11th Model Rocket Season! Thanks Tim & Jenny!

I don’t have a schedule to post yet, but let’s assume we’ll start late April or Early May. Check back in April for more updates. Until then, order some kits and motors and alleviate these Cabin Fever days by building some new rockets.

Keep the Pointy End UP!

Cheers, Mike Bellino, KARS President

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Weather update for TODAY’S Launch…

Best as I can see, we will still have a 1-2 hour window from about 12-2. It will be likely raining from 11-12, let up for an hour or two, then rain will resume. the winds will be about 13mph, so let’s keep it low (under 1,000 ft). Be sure to cut the spill holes out on your parachutes.

Moving to Sunday is not possible because the winds will be at or over the limits (>20mph).

This has been a really tough year for weather and rockets! Let’s hope we can get in one more good launch for 2014.

– Mike Bellino

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Launch on SATURDAY 12PM to 2:30PM (note time change)

Fellow Rocketeers,

We are GO FOR LAUNCH on Saturday BUT, due to weather, we will shift the hours to 12PM to 2:30PM. We will have a canopy there, but if weather turns for the worse, we may wrap up flying before 2:30.

Please plan to arrive early and fly early!

This is the final launch of 2014… See you then!

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Coming to the launch, Nov 1st?

Are you coming to the launch on Nov 1st? (Nov 2nd if poor weather) Please answer the poll below:

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Final Launch of 2014 – Saturday, Nov 1st

This year has been a tough year for weather. BUT! We have one final opportunity to Release the Great Smoke of Whoosh and send our beloved rockets skyward.

The final launch for 2014 is this SATURDAY, November 1st. Please keep it open on your calendar. I’d love to finish off the year strong and make up for the missed launches the unpredictable weather has brought us in 2014.

See you there!!

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The October launch is a NOGO (cancelled)! Rain looks more likely and for longer on Saturday. Sunday is not an option this month. The Good News: The November 1st launch is just TWO WEEKS away! Save up the Magic Whooshy Smoke for then!!

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Saturday’s launch (Oct 18): GO-NOGO to be posted this evening

The weather for Saturday’s launch is very iffy and can go either way. We will give the forecast a few more hours to settle and will post a GO or NOGO tonight.

Sunday is not an option this month.

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