And the winner is…..

Congratulations to Adia from Manchester! Everyone was exceedingly impressed by all the entries – Cassiopeia, Brett & Lily! Thanks to all who participated and voted!

(Would a parent of Adia please contact me to get the prize to her? Call me (Mike) at 603-748-9047 and leave  message. Thanks!)


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GO FOR LAUNCH (Saturday Oct 14th)

Fellow Rocketeers,

We are GO FOR LAUNCH tomorrow! Beautiful day on tap: Temps in the upper 60’s and winds 5mph or less!

Also, don’t forget to VOTE by midnight!

See you there!

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Please vote for your favorite Junior Rocketeer! The winner gets a 1-year membership to the National Association or Rocketry. (Presented in a randomly chosen order) The voting Box is at the bottom of this post.

 Adia from Manchester

 Brett from Sunapee

 Lily from Gilford

******** CLICK LINK BELOW TO VOTE ********


******** CLICK LINK ABOVE TO VOTE ********

Honorable Mention: Cassiopeia from Dunbarton

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GO FOR LAUNCH (Saturday)

Fellow Rocketeers,
We are GO FOR LAUNCH on Saturday September 9th from 1 to 3:30PM. This will be a simple gorgeous day… partly sunny skies, low winds, temps in the low 60s and low humidity.
Remember: Our KARS Contest for KIDS will be going on… DETAILS HERE
Clicks HERE for directions.
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KARS Contest for kids! Prize: 1-year NAR Membership!

Once again, the National Association of Rocketry is granting KARS a FREE 1-year NAR Youth membership. Youth is defined as 18 years old or younger. This gives the proud owner:

  • 1-year subscription to Sport Rocketry magazine
  • NAR Member Guidebook
  • Membership card ‘Rocket License’
  • Access to NAR on-line archives
  • $5M Launch insurance
  • Jr. High Power certification option (if 14 or older)

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Final Launch Dates of 2017

Final launches of the year: (subject to change and subject to weather)

  • September 9th
  • October 14th
  • November 4th
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August Launch: Launch on SUNDAY the 6th

Fellow Rocketeers,

It looks inevitable that Saturday’s rain will come right during our scheduled launch. We’ll have to move to Sunday, which will be a picture perfect day EXCEPT the winds will be 12-13mph. Let’s stick to A and B motor rockets with spill holes cut out in the parachutes. A C or D motor rocket would be fine if it is heavy and won’t go much over 500 ft.

On the bright side The breeze will keep it cool and the bugs at bay.

Same hours: 1 to 3:30PM

See ‘ya there!



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