September Launch: Road Trip with KARS!

Fellow Rocketeers, Who doesn’t like a little change of pace now and then? We’ve decided to move the September KARS launch to UNH in Durham, NH to help some young rocketeers get started in Model Rocketry. Anyone and Everyone is Invited to fly with KARS, however, since this is integral to the New England Fall Astronomy Festival, there is a different launch schedule. Here’s the skinny:

When: Saturday, September 15th

Launch Windows: Launch 12:45 -1:15PM , and 4:05 to 5:15PM

Where: Spinney Lane, Durham, NH – Right next to the UNH Observatory

The New England Fall Astronomy Festival needs help with the kids there who will be assembling rockets. If you can come during the build times to help out – that is appreciated. The build times are: 10:30-11:15AM and 1:30 to 2:30PM.

We will have 12 rocket pads at the ready, so bring ’em on! Since the field is new to us, probably best to start with low-flying rockets until we see how the winds are.

See you there and Keep the Pointy End up!

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