Cold? How ’bout some Hot Rockets?

Fellow Rocketeers, It’s late February and still very cold outside. Been thinking about warm spring/summer/fall days on the rocket field as I have? Consider this your wake-up from the winter slumber!

First, I have to thank the landowners (Tim & Jenny Courser) for allowing us to use the field in 2018! And of course, Eric Swanson for his ever energetic and enthusiastic launch support! And thank you all for coming out to join the launches! It has been amazing to watch the young kids grow up and the new kids show up with great excitement!

Will we launch again 2019 (15th season!)? So long as we can use the field and have help, sure! I’m waiting for the landowner insurance form to show up, then I will start asking around. If we do launch in 2019, it will probably start the first weekend in May.

Meanwhile…. as you are building up your 2019 collection of rockets, I have some inspiration for you – a web article and some videos to help you dreams of those hot July launches!

Student Rocket Team

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1 Response to Cold? How ’bout some Hot Rockets?

  1. Geoff Carson says:

    Well I for one can’t wait, I do have a handful of small field size rockets just waiting for paint that would love to get away from the cold field launches I have been held to this winter.

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