Summer Launch Schedule


Month Date Status
July 20 Pending Weather
August 17 Pending Weather

We will post the launch dates for September, October and November probably sometime in August. Stay tuned!

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7 Responses to Summer Launch Schedule

  1. kristin mason says:

    Where in Warner are your events? And what time will the July 20th event start?

  2. Jim Hansen says:

    Hi! I’m interested in attending rocket shoots this summer and wonder if the club is still active and alive! Is there a summer schedule yet? Would appreciate hearing from anyone about the club these days! Thanks, Jim

    • Mike Bellino says:

      Hi Jim, I am checking with Eric to see if there are any planned launches this summer. ~ Mike

      • thecorndodger says:

        Hi Mike, I am very excited and appreciate hearing from you. I can promise to attend any rocket shoots that might become available. Right now I’m building a competition launch tower – it lets you shoot rockets without the usual (air friction causing) launching lugs. I also have a rocket altimeter and nice 4-rocket launch controller (made over the winter), if that would be of any help. Please let me know of anything I can help with. Jim

  3. So far, it looks like summer weather is promising to be nice and warm, ideal weather for rocket-work. I’m new to the area, but it looks like there’s a good chance we could be active and shoot off a lot of rockets – we just need people to build the rockets, light the fuses, chase down parachutes, and, of course, CARRY ON CONVERSATIONS! jim, the corndodger

  4. thecorndodger says:

    Mike – I couldn’t get your address to work, so I’m trying to reach you this way! But whatever, here is the letter that I wrote to you, and now the entire community has it. I’m anxious to meet and greet the community, and above all, to blast off a few rockets! – Jim

    Hi Mike –

    Please add me to your volunteer list. Although I’m new to this area, I do have substantial rocket experience, starting back in the late 1950’s when Estes was just coming out with the B-series engines. I attended the 2nd National rocket meet in Denver, Colo. and came in 2nd in the “open altitude” event and 1st place in the spot landing challenge. My NAR number was 303, which I hope to recover. (I don’t remember the distance to the target I ended up with, but it was in the mid-30′ range.) My simple 2-stage B-0 and B-6 engined rocket nearly went out of sight in the open altitude event, but I scored only a couple hundred feet under the first place winner…and he used twice as many engines as I did! And with that I went off to college, joined the Navy, got involved with top secret rocket stuff, then became a “normal” engineer where I developed the first dot matrix printer sold in the US, several medical instruments and a bunch of other fun stuff.

    I finished, over the winter, a home designed and made 4-rocket launch controller. And just today, I finished the final assembly of my “Apogee Competition Launch Tower” which gets rid of the wire guides that normally stick out of the side of your rocket. (Incidentally, the Apogee simulator shows a substantial altitude improvement if you can get rid of those things.)

    So anyway, I hereby volunteer to help, in whatever way I can, to get the club rolling again. My interest lies in doing fun things and teaching the state of the art as I know it to kids and anyone else who’ll listen to me. Some of the fun things that I’ll soon personally start playing with will include building high-altitude rockets, developing light-weight parachutes, spot landing events, egg lofting, and other “out of the ordinary” things that we can safely do with our rockets.


    James M. Hansen
    43 Moose Pond Terrace
    Hooksett, NH 03106


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