Launch News, Fun News and Sad News……

Fellow Rocketeers,
In spite of the heat, we WILL launch on Saturday from 1 to 3:30. Please bring sun screen and water. I will have 1/2 liters of water there in case you forget. I presume Eric will bring his pop-up tent for shade. Eric can’t stay the whole time, so if anyone can be available to help to break down and shuttle the equipment to the parking lot post launch, it will be greatly appreciated. The temps will be in the mid-90s and the winds will be just under 10mph. Please note: Moving the launch to Sunday won’t be helpful – just about the same weather.
Marie Mannion, of The Alan Shepard Project, has compiled some thoroughly entertaining videos based on KARS launches. She has a KARS page with videos and information. In particular, and in commemoration of the 50th Moon Landing, I want to draw your attention to her latest video which has lots of KARS video and pictures interspersed with facts about the Moon Shot of 5 decades ago. Gather the kids and watch it together – it is a treat to see.
Also, I discovered there is another rocket club in NH that launches during the winters on Lake Winnepisake. You can read more about them HERE.
It is with great regret, I must tell you all that I am leaving the area and this will likely be my last launch with KARS. Some of you may know that I have been looking for work since March and was unable to find suitable employment. Financially, this was a tremendous strain. As it turns out, I found a position with L3Harris as a Lead Principal Electrical Engineer in their Night Vision division. Unfortunately, for KARS, this means a relocation to Virginia. I start work on August 12th.
What does this mean for KARS? Well, Eric is committed to finishing out the 2019 season. He will need your help for setting up and breaking down the launches. Please reach out to Eric and let him know if he can count on your help. As for 2020, that will be up to Eric and whomever wants to continue this KARS tradition, now in it’s 15th year (first started in 2005).
As for me, you can bet that this is not the end of my rocket interest. I know there is a high power VA club not too far away, but I would certainly like to bring rocketry to the family and kids as Eric and I have done here in the Kearsarge area. I have been so honored to see a plurality of young folks grow up and into rocketry, aerospace and other sciences. I want to continue this ‘funnest’ form of STEM education in my new location and spread the excitement around.
Keep The Pointy End Up!
~ Mike Bellino
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