Thank You! And… Keeping KARS Flying High….

Fellow Rocketeers,
I wanted to send a personal thank you to all who attended the July launch, signed the card (so thoughtfully made by Marie and Jenny) and e-mailed many messages of kind words and good wishes: THANK YOU!!
It makes the departure very hard, but assuaged by many, many, many fond KARS moments to ponder as my prius and I drive down the highways and over the green hills to Virginia on the 9th.
As I have told many of you, I am and have been deeply rewarded by the excitement of the kids (little & big) who so thoroughly enjoy the fun, creativity, challenge and science of building and launching rockets.  For all the effort and sweat, I left every launch with a big smile mirroring the deep satisfaction in my heart.
Of course, none of this would have been possible without Eric who has shared the launch activities for the last decade and a half. Nor could I not mention David Stout who donated the launch system. Likewise, I have to thank our Landowners, Tim & Jenny Courser who have been unwavering and so generous in their support for allowing KARS to launch on their hay field.
As the page turns to close this chapter, the next page, you’ll notice, is blank. It awaits you to write your stories of fun and challenges in keeping KARS reaching for the stars. Eric has said he will keep the launches going, but he needs people to make commitments to help with set-up, tear down and launch control. (Note: for insurance purposes, you MUST be a member of the National Association of Rocketry to run the launch controller.)
If you can help Eric and keep KARS flying high, please contact Eric at:
Thank you, everyone! Keep the Pointy End Up!  Emoji
Mike Bellino
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