KARS-NH Launch site is located in Warner, NH off of Schoodac Road

The Launch field is in Warner, NH. Take Exit 9 of Route 89 and head east on Rt 103. Just before Rt 103 veers right over Rt 89, head straight then bear left onto Schoodac Road. The field will be off on the right hand side. If you see Couchtown Road (pronounced Cootch-town) on your left, you just passed the field!

See it on Google Maps  or use GPS Coordinates:   N 43° 17.204’ W071° 46.064’

This is PRIVATE PROPERTY and may only be used for rocket activated during KARS sanctioned rocket launches. The good folks who are kind enough to let us use their field deserve nothing but the best treatment. Please adhere to these rules:

  1. DO NOT USE this field for any reason unless there is a sanctioned KARS launch underway (then, of course, only rocketry activities are permitted).
  2. There is parking just off the road. DO NOT drive any vehicle (car, truck, motor bike, bicycle, ATV, etc) beyond the parking area.
  3. DO NOT needlessly trample or dig any grass.
  5. Rockets must be recovered unless they are high in a tree or power lines. Any rocket which is not recovered or recoverable shall be reported to the LCO.
  6. If you must go into a crop field, avoid stepping on crops. Any children should be accompanied by parent/guardian.
  7. Maximum rocket motor impulse is E. This is to keep rockets in the field and to avoid spooking animals beyond the field.

There are safety rules to be adhered to but these are the rules of the field and will go along way toward keeping the landowners happy and our club with a great place to launch.