Summer Launch Schedule


Month Date Status
July 20 Pending Weather
August 17 Pending Weather

We will post the launch dates for September, October and November probably sometime in August. Stay tuned!

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GO FOR LAUNCH (Saturday June 8th)

Saturday’s weather is expected to be (in technical meteorological terms) “Just About Perfect”! Sunny skies, temps in the upper-70’s and winds under 10mph. Add a little whooshing sound and a touch of rocket smoke and you have a Absolutely Perfect Saturday.

The directions are on the website. The launch will be from 1 to 3:30PM.

See you there!

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Next Launch… June 8th

We had a great launch today! Excellent attendance, low winds, and lots of flights.

Next launch is

JUNE 8th

Be there, or be bored silly!

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GO FOR LAUNCH (Saturday, May the Fourth Be With You)

Do you hear that sound? It’s the gurgling of the KARS launch battery on the charger in Eric’s shed! Yes! The 2019 Launch Season is Officially Here!!
The launch will be on Saturday, May 4th from 1 to 3:30PM at theĀ Warner Field.
The skies will be overcast, so we’ll keep the launches under the cloud ceiling (I estimate about 2,000 ft). The winds will be very low! less than 5mph. Temperatures will be cool (about 50F). I think we will beat the black flies too (due to arrive next weekend).
See you there!
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3… 2… 1… LAUNCH of the 2019 KARS Season!

Fellow Rocketeers,

I am so very pleased to announce that KARS will be launching for our 15th year!

Many thanks to our generous landowners, Tim & Jenny Courser, and Eric Swanson for making this possible.

Our first launch will be on May 4th (“May the Fourth be with you”) on the Warner Farm Field from 1 to 3:30PM. If the weather does not cooperate, we’ll try for Sunday (same time). We usually make a GO / NOGO decision the Friday afternoon before and post it to our website, e-mail list and facebook page.

As usual, we do not charge launch fees or have an official membership – just show up and fly rockets. If you want to come and spectate – Great! Bring the family.

So fix those broken fins, inventory your motors and put a KARS LAUNCH reminder on your calendar for May 4th! See you there!!

~ Mike Bellino


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Cold? How ’bout some Hot Rockets?

Fellow Rocketeers, It’s late February and still very cold outside. Been thinking about warm spring/summer/fall days on the rocket field as I have? Consider this your wake-up from the winter slumber!

First, I have to thank the landowners (Tim & Jenny Courser) for allowing us to use the field in 2018! And of course, Eric Swanson for his ever energetic and enthusiastic launch support! And thank you all for coming out to join the launches! It has been amazing to watch the young kids grow up and the new kids show up with great excitement!

Will we launch again 2019 (15th season!)? So long as we can use the field and have help, sure! I’m waiting for the landowner insurance form to show up, then I will start asking around. If we do launch in 2019, it will probably start the first weekend in May.

Meanwhile…. as you are building up your 2019 collection of rockets, I have some inspiration for you – a web article and some videos to help you dreams of those hot July launches!

Student Rocket Team

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Launch moved to SUNDAY (Nov 4th)

Fellow Rocketeers, Due to the rain and subsequent high winds on Saturday, we will move the FINAL 2018 launch to SUNDAY Nov 4th from 12 to 2:30PM

The temperatures on Sunday will be in the mid-to upper 40’s, clear skies, the winds around 5mph! And… everyone who attends will seem as though they had an extra hour of sleep!

This is it until probably early May. See ‘ya all there!

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