Cool Video….

…. from our last launch

NOT!!!!!  🙂

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WE ARE GO FOR (FINAL 2016) LAUNCH (Noon to 2:30PM)

We have come to the FINAL launch of 2016! And Momma Nature has smiled on us with a promise of partly sunny skies, low-ish winds (6-8mph) and higher than normal temperatures (high 40s). Let us make the very best of this good fortune and WHOOOOOSH as much as possible because it will be about 5.5 months before we can WHOOOOOSH again together.

And (to be clear) this launch from Noon to 2:30PM and will be at the Warner Farm field (See website for directions).

See you there!

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FINAL 2016 Launch: November 5th – Noon to 2:30PM

Fellow Rocketeers,

Hard to believe we’ve come to the end of the 2016 Flying season. <Insert uncontrollable sobbing here>

The GOOD NEWS is we have ONE. MORE. LAUNCH. (YEAH!) Please join us at the Warner Farm Field on Saturday November 5th from Noon to 2:30PM. [Please note that the launch window is shifted an hour (which we usually do in November).]

Cheers, Mike


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We are GO FOR LAUNCH on Saturday, October 15th from 1 to 3:30PM. Please note the launch site is BEECH HILL FARM in Hopkington. Weather looks amazing! Temps mid 50’s, sunny skies, winds about 5mph…

Please take the poll (below) so we can get a head count. Thanks!

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Oct 15th launch: New (and TASTY!) Launch Site

Great News! We are moving the October launch (scheduled for the 15th) to a new location: Beech Hill Farm in Hopkington, NH. We are doing this to accommodate a 4-H club that wishes to participate.
And… they serve ICE CREAM!!!!  MMMMmmmmm…… And many other attractions can be found around the farm.
The address is 107 Beech Hill Road, Hopkington, NH. Same hours: 1 to 3:30PM.
So start designing your up-side-down ice cream cone rockets, and plan to join us for the special launch in Hopkington on the 15th.
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GO FOR LAUNCH – Sunday Sept 11

We are GO FOR LAUNCH on SUNDAY, 1 to 3:30PM at the Warner Farm Field.

The good news: The thunderstorms will end at 10AM and the skies will clear up with temps in the mid-70s. BUT, we will have winds 15 to 18 mph. Plan to fly with A & B motors and maybe rockets that take C6-3 motors. Cut out spill-holes in your parachutes whenever possible.

See you all there!



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September Launch: SUNDAY Sept 11th

Fellow Rocketeers,

We usually don’t plan a Sunday launch, but we decided to have a launch this Sunday from 1 to 3:30 at the Warner Farm Field. If the launch is cancelled due to weather, we’ll wait for October. (As of today, the launch date weather is promising.)

So if you’ve missed a few launches because of sports, errands, country fairs, summer vacations, etc…. then set aside Sunday afternoon and come fly some rockets!

Check back Saturday afternoon for a GO/NOGO update!

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