It is with a Sad and Heavy heart that I must pass on that we will not have an August launch. Sunday’s weather is likewise promising rain and thunder storms. We could chance it, but almost surely, it would bring on a deluge of biblical proportions. If I call off the launch, you can bet your last nickle that tomorrow will be a perfectly beautiful day to be outside.
So use the weekend to work on your rocket kits and inventory your motors. Then on September 15th, we’ll make up for this lost time.
Woefully Yours,
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LAUNCH on SUNDAY (Aug 12)… (but stay tuned)

As with last month, The weather for Saturday promises rain.  We’ll go for Sunday Aug 12 (1 to 3:30PM), but CHECK BACK on Saturday evening for updates just in case….

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2018 Launch Schedule (Aug to Nov)

Fellow Rocketeers,

Here are the launch dates for the remainder of 2018:

  • August 11
  • Sept 15
  • Oct 13
  • Nov 3

Be sure to check back as dates may change!

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Launch on SUNDAY (July 15) 1 to 3:30PM

Fellow Rocketeers, The weather for Saturday is showing strong indications that we’d have to contend with thunderstorms in the afternoon – pretty much right in the middle of our launch window.   And let’s face it, 1 Billion Volts of Lightning vs Baby Bertha Rocket would not, quite frankly, end well for the rocket, or anyone in the vicinity for that matter. Discretion being the better part of Valor, we’ll move the launch to Sunday (1 to 3:30PM).

Winds on Sunday should be very low, so high flying is a fine idea. Bring water & sunscreen. We should have a Pop-Up or two for shade (Eric? Dave?).

Hope to see you all there…. Keep the Pointy End Up!

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Footage from our June launch…

…with Alan Sheppard pictures and Music By Mele’uhane (courtesy of Maria Manion)

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Fellow Rocketeers,

We are GO FOR LAUNCH June 2nd from 1 to 3:30. The winds will be medium (about 10mph) and the temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. Skies will be cloudy, but clearing during the launch. Weather is not usually this kind – Carpe Diem!

See you all there….. 🙂



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June, July & August launches

Fellow Rocketeers,

The next 3 scheduled launches are:

  • June 2nd
  • July 14 (BLAST-ille Day?)
  • August 11th

As usual, if the day falls upon poor weather, we’ll try for the following day (Sunday).

Please check back before the launch dates as schedule may changes.

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