August 5th Launch

The next KARS launch will be Saturday, August 5th! Clear your calendars and c’mon out! Check this website on the Friday before for a weather update.

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July Launch Report

I am happy to report we had a number of new folks join us at the July launch… but the winds were crazy! The surface and mid and upper winds all happened to be going in different directions and speeds. It was difficult to set the launch rods at a good angle.

So it is no surprise we lost 3 rockets. But that is not the end of the story!

One rocket was recovered with the long rocket pole. Then, after the launch, Edward went on a mission and not only recovered the Bull Pup, but also his big ‘E’ powered rocket from a distant tree!

In the end, all the rockets were recovered! (Thanks, Edward!)



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Next launch: SUNDAY July 9th!

Weather Update: Gorgeous Day on tap for the KARS July launch! Temps in the high 70’s, low humidity (38%), winds about 10mph… C’mon out… Flying starts at 1PM!

Directions at: Directions

Due to a rainy Saturday, the KARS July launch is Sunday July 9th from 1 to 3:30PM.

The skies will be clear, the temps in the low 80’s and the winds medium at 10mph. As always- it is a good idea to cut out the spill holes in your parachutes.

See you there!

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Saturday June 3rd: GO FOR LAUNCH

We are GO FOR LAUNCH on Saturday 1 to 3:30PM!
Temps will be a very comfortable 60 degrees. Winds will be medium at about 10 to 12 mph. (Recommend cut out spill holes in parachutes.) This should be a terrific day to be outside and launching rockets.
Check the KARS website for directions and other information.
See you there!
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Next Launch: June 3rd!

Next Launch is June 3rd! Save the Date!

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Launch on SUNDAY (1 to 3:30PM)

UPDATE: The weather is holding and Sunday afternoon will have temps in the high 50’s with winds around 10mph. The Sunday evening rain should hold off until after the launch. Come join us Sunday 1 to 3:30 at the Warner Farm Field for some fun flying!

Fellow Rocketeers,

Commence Countdown…. Ignition Sequence Start… We have Main Engine Ignition… Launch in 3… 2…. 1… LIFTOFF!!!

The 2017 KARS Season begins on Sunday (due to Saturday’s wet forecast). 1 to 3:30PM at the Warner Farm Field. Winds will be moderate (10-12 mph), temperatures a comfortable 60-ish.

Joins us for the inaugural 2017 launch as we launch into our 13th season!

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Launch on Saturday… ?

Fellow Rocketeers,
I have been watching the ebb and flow of Saturday’s weather forecast for days. In short, it’s good, then not good, then good, then not good….
OK… Keep an eye on the website, and/or e- mail and/or facebook. I’ll keep you posted. I plan to make a GO/NOGO decision on Friday. I may cancel the launch or postpone to Sunday. If it still raining on Sunday, we’ll just look forward to a June launch.
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