Launch moved to SUNDAY (Nov 4th)

Fellow Rocketeers, Due to the rain and subsequent high winds on Saturday, we will move the FINAL 2018 launch to SUNDAY Nov 4th from 12 to 2:30PM

The temperatures on Sunday will be in the mid-to upper 40’s, clear skies, the winds around 5mph! And… everyone who attends will seem as though they had an extra hour of sleep!

This is it until probably early May. See ‘ya all there!

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Final Launch of 2018: November 3rd

After an incredibly fun flying season, we’ve reached the final launch of 2018 on Saturday, November 3rd from Noon to 2:30PM (please note these hours!).
This is usually a well attended launch except now everyone is wearing jackets!
Please put it on your calendar… hope to see you there!
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October: Launch on SUNDAY (14th)

Saturday’s rain, even if it misses our launch window, will leave the field wet. The temps will be cold too.
We’ll launch on Sunday the 14th from 1 to 3:30PM. The skies will be sunny, the winds very low, the temps in the mid to upper 50s.
See you there!
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GO FOR LAUNCH (in Durham, NH)

Fellow Rocketeers, We are GO FOR LAUNCH at the New England Fall Astronomy Day.

Any and all are welcome*. There are no launch fees. We will have 12 pads available.

Launch Windows: Launch 12:45 -1:15PM , and 4:05 to 5:15PM

The winds will be very low (<5mph) and we’ll enjoy warm temperatures and partly cloudy skies.

For directions to the UNH Observatory (where the launch will be held), click HERE (scroll down part way)

Keep the Pointy End up!

*’E’ impulse or lower please. We reserve the right to not allow rockets to launch which seem likely to not land on the field. This is a new field for us and we’ll have to make some judgement calls once we are there.

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September Launch: Road Trip with KARS!

Fellow Rocketeers, Who doesn’t like a little change of pace now and then? We’ve decided to move the September KARS launch to UNH in Durham, NH to help some young rocketeers get started in Model Rocketry. Anyone and Everyone is Invited to fly with KARS, however, since this is integral to the New England Fall Astronomy Festival, there is a different launch schedule. Here’s the skinny:

When: Saturday, September 15th

Launch Windows: Launch 12:45 -1:15PM , and 4:05 to 5:15PM

Where: Spinney Lane, Durham, NH – Right next to the UNH Observatory

The New England Fall Astronomy Festival needs help with the kids there who will be assembling rockets. If you can come during the build times to help out – that is appreciated. The build times are: 10:30-11:15AM and 1:30 to 2:30PM.

We will have 12 rocket pads at the ready, so bring ’em on! Since the field is new to us, probably best to start with low-flying rockets until we see how the winds are.

See you there and Keep the Pointy End up!

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It is with a Sad and Heavy heart that I must pass on that we will not have an August launch. Sunday’s weather is likewise promising rain and thunder storms. We could chance it, but almost surely, it would bring on a deluge of biblical proportions. If I call off the launch, you can bet your last nickle that tomorrow will be a perfectly beautiful day to be outside.
So use the weekend to work on your rocket kits and inventory your motors. Then on September 15th, we’ll make up for this lost time.
Woefully Yours,
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LAUNCH on SUNDAY (Aug 12)… (but stay tuned)

As with last month, The weather for Saturday promises rain.  We’ll go for Sunday Aug 12 (1 to 3:30PM), but CHECK BACK on Saturday evening for updates just in case….

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