KARS Contest for kids! Prize: 1-year NAR Membership!

Once again, the National Association of Rocketry is granting KARS a FREE 1-year NAR Youth membership. Youth is defined as 18 years old or younger. This gives the proud owner:

  • 1-year subscription to Sport Rocketry magazine
  • NAR Member Guidebook
  • Membership card ‘Rocket License’
  • Access to NAR on-line archives
  • $5M Launch insurance
  • Jr. High Power certification option (if 14 or older)

This this end, KARS will sponsor a contest to decide the winner. Here are the rules:
  1. The Youth must (with age appropriate contributions) participate in building a rocket. (Already built rockets are OK if built in 2017.)
  2. Fly the rocket at the September 9th launch and be video taped (We only ask for first names and town/state if you like)
  3. KARS will post all the videos on the KARS website and take on-line votes until the October launch. Anyone can vote (eg…. family & friends)
  4. If you can’t make the launch, but live in NH, MA or VT, we will accept videos (up to 2-3 mins) by September 30 via e-mail or YouTube. They must reflect safe launches observing the NAR safety code. Again, on video do not use the child’s last name. Giving a town & state is OK.
  5. In the event of a tie, Mike & Eric will be the final judge.
  6. The award will be announced at the October 14th launch
  7. All decisions of the judges (Mike & Eric) are final. So there.
The point is for all of us to have alot of fun, introduce our friends & family to rocketry and learn something new!
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